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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Korean Family Potrait

Today, we went to one photo studio to take our family shots. It was a 3hr session for makeup & hairdo. Mummy chosen the korean outfit for the family. Here's one picture to share. Can u see Eilis's sexy zhu jiao??

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Daddy's Spine Surgery

Daddy have been having intense leg pain since Dec 2006. Daddy has been bearing with the pain till March before he went to seek chinese physician advise. We have tried out the tui na & the accupuncture. It manage to alleviate the pain for couple of days. So in Jun after Daddy went to MRI scan, it has been determined that he has a slipped disc @ the lower back. He was scheduled to go for an operation on 15 Oct but the operation was postponed by the surgeon to 18 Oct 07.
After the surgery, daddy will be on MC from 18 Oct 2007 to 31 Dec 2007. Hopefully daddy recovers soon.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eilis Swimming Costume

Mummy has bought a new swimming costume for me from Song & Song. She has been wanting to bring me & Clarise for a dip in the pool. Clarise's favourite is to go swimming or go library. But mummy & daddy is always so busy... So Finally daddy say that we will go swimming on Sunday 30 Sep 07.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Clarise Children's Day

Clarise Children's day party in school. Mummy & granny brought alot of goodies for Clarise to bring to school as contribution.
Mummy specially took half day leave just to go with me to celebrate Children's day with me....So nice of mummy.
After mummy reach school & realise that other mummies also bring their younger sibling so mummy ask granny to bring Eilis from home to join in the fun too.... The school was nice to organise a Magic show for the children. After the magic show, mummy took some photos of Clarise with her classmates. Then mummy brought us home. & off she goes back to office

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1st time Clarise beat her classmate

Today, mummy is upset. Grandma told mummy that i beat my classmate in school today during her afternoon call. I dare not answer her call when she ask for me.
I usually greet mummy with a hug but today, i dare not see mummy when she come back. I know she is upset.. Dunno what punishment mummy will give me...
After i finish my dinner, mummy brought me to the room. I am so scared. I keep crying. But funny, mummy told me that she will not beat me. She is using psychology to tell me that i am wrong to hit my classmate in class today. Oh no, this is worst than giving me physical punishment.
Mummy is worried that i start fighting in school even before i am 3. What will happen in future??
I told mummy that i will not beat people again. But i know mummy will not believe me.....Mummy must be very stress & upset with me....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mummy Favourite Pic during Kindermusic class

On 26 Aug, i attended a Kindermusik trial class with my friends from SMH.
We were asked to go into the classroom to warm up first. Wow, i am so happy upon seeing the balls in a basket. I tried to crawl to the balls. Mummy must have thought that i am interested in the balls. But she is wrong. I am more keen in the basket. Once i caught hold of the backet, i tried to sink my little teeth into the basket. Then mummy took that away from me cos she dun want me to hurt my gums.
After a while, the class starts as more babies join the class. I was enjoying myself.... Playing with the egg shakers, drum. After about 40 min in the class flying around & playing with instruments, i got tired. & mummy took away the shaker that i put inside my mouth. I cried hilariously. See my pic. Alot of people say that i cry until so ke lian. As if mummy ill treat me........

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr Cheah operated on my lymph node

My lymph node infection has grown to 3 cm big. Again Mummy & daddy is worried. So mummy & daddy brought me to Dr Terence Tan from Kinderclinic @ Mount Alvernia. Mummy & daddy went down Mount A @ 8.30am to register. Then they fetch me & Jie Jie from home @ 12 noon back to Mount A. When Dr Terence saw me, he was shocked @ the big lump. He told mummy that i need to be operated on immediately. So he arranged for Dr Cheah Su Ling to drop by Mount A A&E where i have my minor operation. Mummy & daddy was with me. I was not on GA. Dr Cheah only sprayed something cooling on my lump & he sink the knife into the lump. But as he was cutting the lump, he was telling mummy not to worry, its nothing serious. When mummy saw the pus & blood oozing out of the lump, mummy nearly faint. It is a really scary sight....I was crying my lungs out. But it was done in less than 5 min. After the cleaning is done, mummy cuddle me tight & i fell asleep. The nurse & Dr cheah was telling mummy Eilis is a brave girl.... Mummy & daddy was also amazed that i can tolerate pain so well & fall asleep within a short while.
Thumbs up for Dr Terence Tan & Dr Cheah